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A digital content (images and text) that can be downloaded to any browser in the world.
Your domain name is an address that lets browsers (like Internet Explorer) know where your site is located (hosted). You can pay for it one or more years and it will be yours as long as you keep up the payment. Any lapse in payment can lead to loss of domain name. Getting a domain name is called "registering" a domain.
A "host" sells space on their remote computer for your site content. Your site will be on a server (computer) at this company and when a browser (like Internet Explorer) looks for your domain name, it is sent to that server then downloaded in their computer for viewing. The cost of hosting is affected by site size and the amount of traffic.
You provide the content for your site. It is the images, text, and graphics that make up your site. The format and size of each of these affect the cost of making a site. If images are sized properly (I will tell you the size) and the text is in the correct form (I will let you know the format), it takes me less time to make a page or pages. You must assist in editing by reviewing pages that I make and approving the content. Any errors that I make will be corrected at no cost. Site description (what you are doing) and keywords (art, fine art, painting, etc) are provided by you and will be in what are called meta-tags, invisible to the viewer, but seen by robot search programs. The meta-tags affect your listing and rank in directories.
A website is not an advertisement. It has to be advertised. You have to promote it by letting others know about it. It is unlikely anyone will stumble across your site looking at the billions of sites on the internet.